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My Message to Parents about The MYTH of “I’m Bad at Math”

I just read, The Myth of “I’m Bad at Math”: Basic ability in the subject isn’t the product of good genes, but third work. By Miles Kimball and Noah Smith (Oct. 28, 2013) and it brought me back to a newsletter … Continue reading

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Read a Test to Students without Saying a Word!

I’ve always thought there would be some very cool educational applications for QR codes.  I’ve make QR scavenger hunts that are fun for students while being great learning activities.  There is an example of a Quadrilateral Properties Scavenger Hunt Activity … Continue reading

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A Different Voice

As I was tweeting this past week, I was intrigued by the controversy over Khan Academy and its philosopy/videos. I’m not jumping into that messy discussion on this blog entry.  Instead, as I was trying to figure out what was going on, I stumbled upon a … Continue reading

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Five Thoughts on Twitter and Teaching

I’ve just recently started tweeting (it’s been 2 weeks). I learned the difference between using @ and #.I’m following more people than I thought I would and wonder why some people don’t put anything in their profiles to let others … Continue reading

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Be a Math Storybook Author – a writing/art project for students

Here are the basics for a great math writing project that incorporates math, art, writing, and more.  I usually have students working in pairs for this project.  It will usually generate more creative books.  Sometimes one student is more comfortable … Continue reading

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