My name is Nancy Ann Norem Powell (NAPmath) and I love teaching.  I was a secondary math teacher for 37 years.  I helped build a micro computer (NorthStar) from scratch in the late 1970’s and taught programming way back in the 1980’s with Radio Shack model I’s that (networked???) shared  a cassette recorder for storage.  (Can you imagine?  I wouldn’t want to go back!!!)   I guess I always embraced technology and never worried that I didn’t know more than my students.  We always learned together – maybe I was a day ahead!

Golden Apple Fellow Nancy Powell

My mom was a kindergarten teacher and she helped me realize how important hands-on activities were for students.  Active students doing math, talking math, and discovering all the different ways to use math provided the energy and excitement in my classroom.  I retired from my high school in June, 2010, but I still teach.  I work with pre-service teachers and student teachers.  I share ideas and resources in workshops and seminars for teachers.

If I find a good resource, I’ll share it.  If I come up with good lessons, I’ll share them.  Please join me and share your ideas and resources here too!

Follow me on Twitter @NAPmath and enjoy these additional resources:

  1. NAPmathhttp://NAPmath.wordpress.com – this is my blog. I write when I have something to say/share.
  2. Green Appleshttp://GreenApples.wikispaces.com – a website full of resources for new MATH teachers (and veterans). Join the wiki and contribute to the pages. I use it with new teachers in my department and pre-service teachers. Teachers that helped developed the site include Nationally Board Certified in Math, Presidential Awardees in Math Teaching, state and local teaching awards, and most important, they are successful in the classroom.
  3. GeometryGemshttp://geometrygems.wikispaces.com/ – this site is dedicated to all things Geometry including activities, projects, SMART board files, paper folding, common core, and more.
  4. SmartBoardSmarty http://SmartBoardSmarty.wikispaces.com – If you have a SMART board in your classroom, go here and download free Math Notebook files, get step-by-step directions, tutorials, updates on SMART, resources, and lots more.
  5. ActivInspireAdventures http://ActivInspireAdventures.wikispaces.com – If you have a Promethean board in your classroom, check this site for resources, tutorials, free downloads, and more.
  6. Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/napmath/ – find links to Math sites, math blogs, math journal and foldables, technology, iPad (and other Apple problems) resources, activities for QR codes, SMART/Promethean/Interactive white board resources, assessment and much more.
  7. Resource Garden http://resourcegarden.wikispaces.com/Planted+Gardens – need to find resources for graphics, sign and fancy Word Generators, photos, sounds, music, videos, flash/java, and free ways to edit sound, video, and graphics? This site has great links, copyright information, and lots more.



One Response to About

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi, Nancy,

    I came across your blog via David Wees, and as a fellow mathematics educator I thought you might be able to help in spreading the word about an educational TV show for preteens about math that we’re putting together. “The Number Hunter” is a cross between Bill Nye The Science Guy and The Crocodile Hunter — bringing math to children in an innovative, adventurous way. I’d really appreciate your help in getting the word out about the project.

    I studied math education at Jacksonville University and the University of Florida. It became clear to me during my studies why we’re failing at teaching kids math. We’re teaching it all wrong! Bill Nye taught kids that science is FUN. He showed them the EXPLOSIONS first and then the kids went to school to learn WHY things exploded. Kids learn about dinosaurs and amoeba and weird ocean life to make them go “wow”. But what about math? You probably remember the dreaded worksheets. Ugh.

    I’m sure you know math is much more exciting than people think. Fractal Geometry was used to create “Star Wars” backdrops, binary code was invented in Africa, The Great Pyramids and The Mona Lisa, wouldn’t exist without geometry.
    Our concept is to create an exciting, web-based TV show that’s both fun and educational.

    If you could consider posting about the project on your blog, I’d very much appreciate it. Also, if you’d be interested in link exchanging (either on The Number Hunter site, which is in development, or on StatisticsHowTo.com which is a well-established site with 300,000 page views a month) please shoot me an email. We’re also always looking for input and ideas from other math educators!

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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