My New Favorite Calculus App!

Little AppI was a Calculus teacher for years and I was always looking for ways to provide better visualization of concepts for students.  I used  colored chalk on the chalkboard, hand-built models, Mathematica, Geometer’s Sketchpad, TI and HP graphing calculators, and animated gifs but I’ve never quit looking.

A new app from David Little called “A Little AboutCalculus” is anything but little.   This $0.99 app is a little price to pay for the amazing math in this app.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge the photos and see what is in the menus and on the screens!)

The 3-D graphics; the ability to customize the screens, change the functions, the intervals, and the window; and the wide range of topics make this one of my new favorites.  A LITTLE Calculus is a collection of more than 70 interactive topics from a first year calculus course and meant as a great supplement for students and teachers.   It is available for the iPad, and iPhone.  Sorry android users – it’s not available for android devices (at least not yet). Here is a glimpse (much from the app description and screenshots from my iPad):
WashersTopics include:

  • Graph functions of one variable, as well as parametric and polar curves.
  • Investigate pre-calculus topics such as the equation of a line, graphing polynomials, Pythagorean Theorem, trig functions, etc.
  • Understand the fundamental notion of a limit from a formal or informal point of view.
  • Study rates of change using the ideas from differential calculus (secant & tangent lines, derivatives, Mean Value Theorem, Newton’s method, etc.
  • Calculate the area of a region or surface, length of a curve, & volume of a solid using the techniques of integral calculus.
  • Interact with parametric & polar curves (slopes, areas, arc lengths, etc.
  • Learn about sequences & series (geometric, harmonic, alternating, etc.) & approximate functions using Taylor polynomials.


  • Customize each topic by changing any function, variable, and/or interval by electing from a variety of options.
  • Interact with every graph (drag to change the value of a variable or to move/rotate the graph, pinch to zoom, etc.)
  • Runs on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Fully functional built-in calculator.
  • No Internet required, except for initial download and updates.
  • No in-app purchases or advertising.

Find the download and more info at:

MultivariableSequencesPreCalcParametrics Photo Feb 01, 2 34 32 PM


About napmath

I recently retired from full-time teaching. I taught students in High School math classes from Basic Math through AP Calculus. I have been into integrating technology into my classes since 1981. I am Nationally Board Certified, am the proud recipient of a Presidential Award of Excellence in Math Teaching, text book author, Golden Apple Scholar, Certified SMART Board Trainer, Regional Technology Teacher of the Year, and give workshops across the country - geometry, Common Core, mathematics, Interactive Whiteboards, and technology. I am currently working as an adjunct faculty member at Illinois Wesleyan University and authoring books for SMART Boards and Promethean Boards with Vision Technology.
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