Five Thoughts on Twitter and Teaching

I’ve just recently started tweeting (it’s been 2 weeks). I learned the difference between usingfollowmeTwitter @ and #.I’m following more people than I thought I would and wonder why some people don’t put anything in their profiles to let others know who they are and what they are interested in.  I’ve had to change my password because someone or thing got in my account and messed with my account. I have 80 followers – sure is fun to see another follower pop up in my counts! I’ve tweeted 126 times.

So, Here are 5 thoughts on Twitter and Teaching.
1. Educators are sharing a lot of cool resources that I knew nothing about. Thanks to all who are taking the time to write them and share them.
2. It can be a bit overwhelming with new tweets coming in quickly. I feel obligated to click every time I see new tweets but if I realize that if I did, my life would be nothing but Twitter. My family and house would be a mess. Lesson plans and reports would be incomplete. Grading would never get done! But following the Olympics on Twitter my first two weeks has been fun and for some reason – more personal too!
3. I’ve decided to give Twitter at least 15 minutes, a couple times a day. The resources I get enhance my lessons, make me think differently, lead me to ask more questions, help me to solve problems, and add depth to my reports.
4. Twitter is inspiring me to write and share even more resources with teachers in the classroom. I recently retired from full-time teaching but still teach pre-service teachers, student teachers, and give workshops around the country to teachers in the classroom. I loved sharing what I did with my students because they loved sharing their work. I know how busy teachers are on a day-to-day basis and now I have more time to be creative and develop activities. I love math and believe in using hands-on math activities at ALL grade levels but I also know that it takes time to develop good activities.  I have many places where I’m positing things for teachers – here (,), for Geometry teachers, for SMART Board users, for places to get things to jazz up your activities, blogs, websites, etc., and for Promethean Board users.
5. There are good resources about how to manage and use Twitter for newbies. Sometime I’ll have to consider more of these ideas and decide which ones are for me.  These include and here is a a slide show with good information:

Am I glad I that I started tweeting? Yes.
Is there more to learn about the art of tweeting? Yes
Is there hidden potential for Twitter yet to discover? Yes
Are there reasons to keep looking at Twitter for educational applications? Yes

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About napmath

I recently retired from full-time teaching. I taught students in High School math classes from Basic Math through AP Calculus. I have been into integrating technology into my classes since 1981. I am Nationally Board Certified, am the proud recipient of a Presidential Award of Excellence in Math Teaching, text book author, Golden Apple Scholar, Certified SMART Board Trainer, Regional Technology Teacher of the Year, and give workshops across the country - geometry, Common Core, mathematics, Interactive Whiteboards, and technology. I am currently working as an adjunct faculty member at Illinois Wesleyan University and authoring books for SMART Boards and Promethean Boards with Vision Technology.
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